Neither Clinton nor Trump, but Jill Stein!

With the presidential election in the United States two months away, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tied in the polls.…

Burkini Ban

The ban on burkinis in some French towns, introduced in August, continues to cause controversy. Photos of armed police forcing a…

Corbyn set for Victory

Jeremy Corbyn is clearly heading for victory in the British Labour leadership election. All the signs suggest he has an unassailable…


The North

Belfast Hosts Anti-Sectarian Football Cup

Belfast Hosts Anti-Sectarian Football Cup

Belfast People Before Profit held an Anti-Sectarian Cup in the form of a 5-a-side soccer tournament on Wednesday 24th August. Gerry Carroll MLA organised the event in response…

The Eagle has landed

The Eagle has landed

The Northern Ireland Assembly is no stranger to crises and scandal. They tend to erupt regularly but, like a recurring cycle, go unresolved only to be replaced by…

Defend Our Libraries

Defend Our Libraries

DUP Minister for Communities, Paul Givan, is set to rip the heart from communities across the North with cuts to our vital library service. Gavin Campbell reports. Givan…

Belfast Says No to Tony Blair’s War Crimes

Belfast Says No to Tony Blair’s War Crimes

Séamus O’Kane reports from Belfast After seven years and several delays, the Chilcot Inquiry into Iraq has finally published its findings – a total of 2.6 million words.…

Did You Know?

Getting it in Proportion

Numbers in billions are hard to get your head round. Socialist Worker makes some comparisons:  €1.6 billion –…

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Who was Leon Trotsky?

Leon Trotsky’s My Life is a remarkable work. First published in 1930 while Trotsky was living in exile in Constantinople; the book demonstrates how…






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