Fighting for Decent Health Care

On Saturday 27 January the Still Waiting Campaign held a major conference in Liberty Hall in Dublin. The Campaign aims to increase hospital beds, restore lost services, and work towards a single-tier health system. Attended by over eighty delegates the conference heard from a number of campaign groups, political organisations and trade unions including Enough is Enough, the Irish Patients’ Association, People Before Profit and SIPTU and other unions Stephen McMahon of the Irish Patients' Association said that 300 people a year were dying due to overcrowding. Socialist Worker interviewed the Still Waiting Campaign Coordinator, Cyril Brennan

Fighting for Decent Health Care

 SW: What inspired you to get involved in a health campaign? As a health care worker I always had an interest in health and caring for people, and when you see what has become of the health service during the years of austerity and the move towards private health care, and the effects it is […]

Housing and Homelessness: Time for Mass Protest

Father Peter McVerry has said what everyone knows, but the Government refuses to acknowledge,, that ‘the housing crisis is out of control’. 

Housing and Homelessness: Time for Mass Protest

It’s not just the record number of street sleepers, 184 at the last count, deeply shocking as it is. It is not just the 8,500 plus in emergency accommodation including more than 3000 children, appalling as that is. It is also the knock on effects of the shortage in affordable houses and the soaring rents […]

REPEAL–A Historic Opportunity

At last! After decades of campaigning, years of mass mobilisations, the careful deliberations of the Citizens Assembly and the recommendations of the Oireachtas Committee, we have our chance. 

REPEAL–A Historic Opportunity

Now, finally, the people of Ireland and especially the women of Ireland have a historic opportunity to break with the dark past and take a major step towards choice and real equality. But to do this the referendum in the Summer has to be won. Socialist Worker would have preferred a simple vote on Repeal, […]

The North needs Social Housing too

By Shaun Harkin, People Before Profit, Derry

Access to housing was a key demand of the civil rights movement in the North during the 1960s leading to the creation of the Northern Ireland Housing Executive in 1971.  Prior to the founding of the NIHE, housing provision was decided upon by local councils.  This resulted in widespread discrimation of Catholics in housing allocation, […]

Housing market builds profits, not homes! THE HOMELESS SPEAK OUT!

Homelessness is not normal. Living under the constant threat of eviction is not normal either. It should not be normal to pay rent for substandard accommodation, either in the private or the public sector. 

Housing market builds profits, not homes!  THE HOMELESS SPEAK OUT!

  Written and collated by Cllr Tina MacVeigh, People Before Profit. Councillor for Crumlin-Kimmage Nor should it be normal for the responsibility of housing provision to be left to the market when we know the market cannot provide this most basic of human needs and this most fundamental right. But this is what is happening. Instead of managing a housing system the government is trying to manage […]

Housing and Homelessness FINE GAEL’S  MASK SLIPS

Leo Varadkar is meant to be the ‘cool’ and ‘modern’ Taoiseach, the master of spin and PR. Fine Gael pride themselves on being the ‘liberal’ and ‘enlightened’ wing of the Irish establishment. 

Housing and Homelessness  FINE GAEL’S  MASK SLIPS

Leo Varadkar is meant to be the ‘cool’ and ‘modern’ Taoiseach, the master of spin and PR. Fine Gael pride themselves on being the ‘liberal’ and ‘enlightened’ wing of the Irish establishment. Now over housing and homelessness this liberal mask has slipped. In a series of tweets and comments their old Blueshirt class prejudice and […]

The Death of Stalin – Comedy of Terror

Armando Iannucci’s new feature The Death of Stalin plays Soviet terror for laughs while laying bare the cowardice, self-interest and vanity that characterises every ruling class. 

The Death of Stalin – Comedy of Terror

Reviewed by Sean Egan Eliciting audience laughter from inside a secret police torture chamber is no easy task but Iannucci manages to find moments of dark humour in otherwise stomach-churning circumstances. The veteran political satirist who skewered the shallow spectacle of modern politics in his tv gems: Veep and The Thick of It portrays the […]

Catalonia – the Struggle Continues

Dublin City People Before Profit Cllr Tina MacVeigh has twice recently visisted Catalonia. Here she inteviews Aina Tela, a activist with the left wing anti-capitalist party, CUP on the the situation in Catalonia.

Catalonia – the Struggle Continues

Pic: CUP activist, Anna Gabriel, speaking in Catalan parliament. Q. On October 1st, the day of the Independence Referendum in Catalonia, we witnessed terrible scenes as the Spanish police attacked unarmed citizens who had come out peacefully to vote. The Spanish state justified this by saying that the referendum was illegal, that Catalans wanted all the […]

People Before Profit: Open Letter to Sinn Féin

The headline news from Sinn Féin’s recent Ard Fheis was, of course, Gerry Adams’ announcement of his plan to stand down. But more important in reality was the passing of a motion in favour of Sinn Féin being able to enter government, in the Republic, as a junior partner i.e. with Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael. This is a change from the party’s previous position which was only to go into coalition as the majority partner. It is therefore an important shift rightwards. People Before Profit responded to this development by issuing an Open Letter to Sinn Féin members urging resistance to the rightward drift and calling for dialogue on the major issues facing the Irish people North and South. We reproduce it here:

People Before Profit:  Open Letter to Sinn Féin

  Sinn Féin and People Before Profit have been on the same side many times. We have fought against water charges; we both oppose the partition of Ireland; we want regime across the whole of this island. We also disagree on key issues – and there is no hiding that. But in this open letter, […]