Did You Know?

Socialist Worker 380

JSW Did You Knowoan Burton justified capping the rent allowance in 2012 by claiming in the Dail the cut would “ensure rents would not increase” and “not cause homelessness for anyone.”  Rents have skyrocketed again in Dublin compared to last year and now average €1,358 euro a month.  And according to the Dublin Local Authority Homeless Services, there are now 442 families and 1,000 children homeless in emergency accommodation


SW Did You KnowEnda Kenny says he wants to “make Ireland the best small country in the world in which to do business.”  Tax-shy multinational corporations based here eagerly agree with him.  In 2013, they paid just €4 billion  on declared profits of 70 billion  made in Ireland.  This is just 6% of the puny 12.5% corporation tax they’re supposed to pay.


SW Did You KnowMichael Noonan recently said “there will be people who will never work.  They’re allergic to work.”  That there are still 20 unemployed for every job and the unemployment rate is still double what it was in 2007 before the banks and establishment politicians destroyed the economy escapes him.  When not insulting people unable to find work, Noonan’s busy speculating on Wall Street and UK stock markets that’s making him extra millions.  He also bought up Portuguese government debt which makes him a bondholder.  Not exactly an honest day’s work, Michael!

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