Free the Children – Free Palestine – Boycott Israel

Palestine is in political turmoil.  Emboldened by Donald Trump’s recent decision to change long standing policy and “recognise” Jerusalem as the Israeli capital one of the most right wing Israeli governments in history has gone on the offensive.

Socialist Worker

Free the Children – Free Palestine – Boycott Israel
Pic: Ahed Tamimi resisting arrest of her brother

Dave O’Farrell

The move has been met by widespread protest, both within Palestine and internationally. In fact despite the Zionist state’s apparent ability to act with impunity it is coming under ever more pressure.

In Palestine the focus has shifted from peace talks to struggle with calls for, another Intifada or uprising.

International resistance to their racist and apartheid policies has only increased. At the UN 151 states voted not to recognise Trumps decision.

The global campaign for boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) is having a real effect. This can be seen in the increasingly drastic moves by the Israeli government to attack BDS activists. Most recently this has been revealed in the decision to ban activists with a number of groups who support the Palestinian struggle from entering Israel.

Among the groups banned was the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC). All those who support the Palestinian cause should react to this like the IPSC have and regard it as a “badge of honour”

International boycott campaigns have worked in the past, as with Apartheid South Africa, and Israel is clearly feeling the pressure.

The recent moves by the Trump administration have inadvertently shown the weakness of the apartheid Israeli state to the world. At the same time it has also added the final nail to the notion of a “two state” solution.

Coming after years of illegal settlement building this move has shown that supporters of the Israeli state have no interest in any form of viable Palestinian state.

The real nature of the Israeli state has been further exposed recently by the arrest and detention of 16 year old young Palestinian Ahed Tamimi. Ahed’s ‘crime’ was to slap the face of an Israeli soldier after her 14 year old cousin had been shot in the head and maimed by a rubber bullet.

Ahed Tamimi faces up to 10 years in jail for this act of resistance. But this has only served to spark further protests round the world and to highlight the plight of the many Palestinian children incarcerated in Israeli prisons

For those who support the Palestinian people now is the time to redouble our efforts and see the racist and apartheid state of Israel, like the apartheid state of South Africa before it, consigned to history.

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