Industrial round up:

Reports from AST; Firefighters and Trinity workers

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Industrial round up:

ASTI workers fight on.

Despite a huge campaign from the media and Government intimation, teachers who are members of the ASTI rejected a deal in January which made little concession on the issue of equal pay for new teachers.

A majority of ASTI members rejected the deal and the union will continue its campaign which looks for cuts to new entrants pay to be reversed. The Government have now threatened ASTI members with a form of compulsory redundancy if their action does not end. This is a huge escalation of the dispute and if the Department of Education follow through on the threat other teachers unions should support the ASTI stand. The issue of equal pay should dominate the teachers’ upcoming union conferences.

Fire fighters protest

TD Brid Smith joined the fire fighters protest at the Dolphins Barn station in March (see picture above). The protest was against proposed plans by Dublin City Council to take the emergency ambulance service away from Dublin Fire Brigade. Despite several studies that found the system in Dublin gave a world class service, city manager Owen Keegan is trying to break the service off from the fire fighters. He wants to hive off the ambulance service to reduce the Council’s costs and,many workers suspect, to try to introduce competition and privatize the fire service itself. Brid and Councillor John Lyons pledged the support of People before Profit for the workers’ campaign.

Trinity staff to ballot on strike action.

Non-academic staff at Trinity College are balloting for strike action after the board of management took unilateral decisions that will affect their long term pay and conditions. Among the measures are steps that would effectively preclude any chance of permanent or secure employment contracts at the College.The move is part of an overall neoliberal agenda of the TCD management and the workers’ actions should be supported by all workers and academic staff at the college.

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