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Across Europe a struggle is going on between the forces of reaction- the racists, fascists and the far right who are trying to stir up hatred and bigotry and the forces of progress – who stand for multiculturalism, acceptance of diversity and the unity of ordinary people of all.

Above all the racists are exploiting the tragic refugee crisis and trying to spread fear and hatred of Muslims – Islamophobia. In the past racists and fascists targeted Jews, Black people and, indeed, the Irish.

In Britain in the 1970s the racists encouraged anti-Irish feeling and linked Irish people to terrorism. Now they try to link all Muslim people to Daesh/ISIS and terrorism.
Socialists reject this stereotyping and prejudice.

We say the overwhelming majority of refugees and Muslims are peaceful, decent ordinary people who are welcome here. Racists and fascists, however, are not welcome at all.

Racism and Capitalism

But socialists also understand that the reason the tiny minority of hard racists and fascists sometimes gain support is because the system itself and its media often encourage racism.
Racism is a tool of the 1% of super rich who run our society. For them it serves to deflect anger away from the bankers, developers, and rotten politicians who are really responsible for homelessness, unemployment and the health crisis.

If they can persuade ordinary people that the cause of our very real problems is refugees, foreigners, migrants etc. we will be divided and they will laugh all the way to the bank.

This is why racism has always been a weapon used by the ruling class to divide and conquer.

Socialists reject racism completely but we also understand that to defeat it we have to combine anti-racism with the fight for real solutions to the problems of housing, poverty, joblessness and inequality, solutions that unite people against their real enemies – the super-rich and the capitalist system that oppresses and exploits us all.

Join the anti-racism rally on Saturday, February 6, 13:30 at the GPO.

If you agree then Vote left – vote AAA-PBP- and join the struggle.
Text JOIN to 0863074060 – Join the Socialist Workers Party!

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