No to a ‘Tory Brexit’ – Yes to a Socialist Ireland

Theresa May has called a snap Westminster election, despite consistently saying she would not. It is an opportunistic move. Everything she and the Tories do is cynically thought out.

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No to a ‘Tory Brexit’ – Yes to a Socialist Ireland
(Picture: Tory PM Theresa May)

Fiona Ferguson
They have no core principles, except supporting the elites and the wealthy.
Her attempts to use Brexit are no different.
Theresa May supported remain and the EU in the referendum, not because she gave a damn about Europe, but because she saw it was a means to strengthen the hand of the British elites.
She has now flipped her position because she wants to shape Brexit in the interests of the British elites.
People Before Profit will throw ourselves into this campaign to the best of our means.
There has been a lot of airtime given to the notion of an anti-Brexit pact comprised of Sinn Fein and the SDLP, both of whom seem desperate for such a pact and for the Green Party to be the third wheel in the relationship, to provide them cover since the Alliance Party ruled out any involvement. Another pact, between unionist parties, seems imminent with the UUP already ceding three electoral areas to the DUP.
What all of this means is that we’re facing down the barrel of a very polarising election, with Brexit at the heart of the debate.
It is vital to have a strong socialist voice in this election. People Before Profit will use the platform of the election to continue to highlight our position; No to a Tory Brexit, Yes to a Socialist Ireland.
PBP are as opposed to Theresa May’s ‘Tory Brexit’ as we were to her ‘Tory Remain’ position in the referendum.
We are also for cooperation between all progressive voices to ensure the interests of working class people are protected in the years ahead.
We want to see migrants defended, labour reform to strengthen the ability of unions to organise, and resistance to any moves to a low tax economy.
We will cooperate with others to ensure the North is treated is as a special case without any return to a hard border, and that the devolved regions have a veto over any deal the British government agrees with the EU.
And should any of our candidates be elected, we will vote against May’s Tory Brexit alongside Corbyn and others.
People Before Profit have no truck with the rotten austerity agenda of the EU.
We have consistently highlighted this, North and South. However, we are equally opposed to a Tory vision of Brexit, and will use any electoral position afforded to us to block one.
We will also continue to highlight the failures of the Stormont parties, including their disastrous support for austerity in the last decade.
But to be clear, this election won’t solve the underlying crisis of the elites. Britain is fast becoming a failed state. And any progressive should welcome its demise.
This election, therefore, is a chance not only to oust the Tories, but also an opportunity to advance a vision of a new Ireland, a different Ireland, a socialist Ireland.
The kind of Ireland that James Connolly stood for; that is not ravaged by inequality and bigotry, but is based instead on unity, anti-sectarianism and an equitable distribution of our resources by and for the people.
To paraphrase Connolly himself; we serve neither London nor Brussels, but a Socialist Ireland

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