Socialist Worker

No to racism! No to the system that breeds it!

Racism is a poison. It should have no place in our society or our communities. Racism creates hate, division and violence.

We all know that Ireland has major social problems – poverty, homelessness, emigration, a health crisis and massive inequality.But none of these problems are caused by foreigners, refugees, immigrants or Muslims. Racism targets the wrong people and lets those really responsible – the bankers, billionaires and bosses – off the hook.

Wherever racism raises its ugly head it should be challenged and rejected.

But racism does not fall from the skies. It comes from the system, capitalism, that concentrates wealth and power in the hands of the few at the expense of the many and tries to set us against each other.It is spread from the top of society – the politicians, the state and the media.

That is why to defeat racism we also need a fight against the system that breeds it. We have to combine anti- racism with resistance to austerity and campaigning over housing, health and every other issue.

Ultimately we need a people’s revolution to get rid of capitalism and establish a society that puts people before profit and in which all citizens – women and men, black and white, LGBT and travellers – are equal and the massive division between rich and poor is overcome.

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