REPEAL–A Historic Opportunity

At last! After decades of campaigning, years of mass mobilisations, the careful deliberations of the Citizens Assembly and the recommendations of the Oireachtas Committee, we have our chance. 

Socialist Worker

REPEAL–A Historic Opportunity

Now, finally, the people of Ireland and especially the women of Ireland have a historic opportunity to break with the dark past and take a major step towards choice and real equality.

But to do this the referendum in the Summer has to be won. Socialist Worker would have preferred a simple vote on Repeal, with no replacement, as the Oireachtas Committee proposed. But the limited enabling phrase proposed by the Government doesn’t change the essence of the matter. This will be a big step forward.

We very much hope the referendum will be at the end of May to facilitate the voting of young people who will be most affected by this crucial change.

But whenever it is the key task is to win it. There must be NO COMPLACENCY.

The opinion polls are favourable but the gap may narrow as Anti -Choicers engage in well funded emotive campaigning, backed by virtually every Catholic Church in the state.

That means we need a MASS CAMPAIGN from below  – a real movement of people power.  There are some on ‘our side’ , like Micheál Martin who might prefer a low-key, passive campaign dominated by ‘moderate’ politicians resulting in a narrow win,  and followed by legislation embodying a disappointing and limited compromise.  In truth they wouldn’t care much if we lost.

Mná na hÉireann,the women of Ireland, and all who want Ireland to really move forward , need better than this.

We need a mass campaign on the streets – for example the largest possible demonstration on International Women’s Day, March 8.

We need mass canvassing teams going door to door in every town and county.  We need to get out the vote in working class areas which voted so heavily YES on marriage equality.  We need as big a win as possible to send a clear message to the politicians that people want real change and real choice.


See article on Repeal by Bríd Smith TD on page 3.

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