At its 2018 conference members of the Socialist Workers Party decided to change its name to the Socialist Workers Network.

Socialist Worker


It also decided that its primary vehicle for communication will be the launch a major new website that is geared to the growing numbers of people who seek alternatives to capitalism.

At a subsequent date, the network will spin off a print addition from this website.

The Socialist Workers Network will also seek to produce high quality Marxist literature that is written in the language of the 21st century and attractive to a new generation of anti-capitalists.

The change of direction follows several months of discussion among members.

It follows logically from the growing success of People Before Profit—a 32 county socialist organisation that Socialist Worker helped found—which has been highly successful in winning adherents all around Ireland.

The change in name to Socialist Workers Network reflects a decision to focus on building People Before Profit, and within that to win and educate as many members as possible in revolutionary socialist politics.

To that end, the Socialist Workers Network will be operating as a component part of People Before Profit and, more occasionally, as an independent external force.

We are committed to working with others to build the widest possible support for socialist politics in Ireland, as part of the fight to uproot the capitalist system both here and internationally.

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