Annette Mooney writes: When a tiny number of unelected officials can force through a deeply unpopular project, you know you live in a corporate regime.

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For decades the people of Ringsend, Irishtown and Sandymount in Dublin have expressed their opposition to having this Covanta incinerator here.
Even the mainly right wing city councillors voted to oppose it. But now it is built and has begun receiving waste because unelected officials decided.
On top of this on 14 June waste burning at the Poolbeg incinerator had to be suspended following a dangerous lime-leak in the very first week of operations at the plant.
As a result of the ‘unscheduled’ release of lime from the plant’s fabric filter baghouse, which filters emissions duting the burning process, eleven people had to be brought to hospital to be checked.
This incident, so soon after the opening of the plant, confirmed the fears expressed by  many residents and campaigners.
On Monday 19 June  Richard Boyd Barrett TD, Cllr.Andrew Keegan  and Annette Mooney spoke at a well attended outdoor Public Meeting in Ringsend to discuss how best to monitor the Poolbeg incinerator.
Richard reported on US energy corporation, Covanta’s poor safety record  but despite this Covanta is monitoring its own safety. The suspicion is that Covanta will try to cut down on costs by not testing for dioxins as analysis costs are very high.
Covanta cannot be trusted to hand over the correct data to the Environmental Protection Agency. Cllr. Andrew Keegan reported that Covanta were not giving full information on how much activated carbon, that  ensure  no dioxins enter the atmosphere, Covanta will use.
The meeting agreed to the following proposals:
1. That a baseline health study should be conducted on a large sample of people living in the vicinity. That this be monitored on a yearly basis to ensure there are no health effects from the incinerators.
2. That truck traffic going to the incinerator be reduced.
3. That Covanta be forced to fund a chemical engineer who will be nominated by the community as their independent monitor. This monitor to have the right to unannounced access to the plant at any time.
4. That the EPA and the Environmental Health Officers of Dublin City Council make regular unannounced visits to the incinerator and engage in more active independent monitoring.

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