They are Defending the Indefensible

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They are Defending the Indefensible

Fianna Fail are defending the indefensible. In the name of ‘stability’, the stability of a rotten, corrupt system of which they were the main architects over decades they are propping up a government that is both malicious and incompetent in equal proportions. In the process they are denying the people their say, their right to pass judgment on this stinking cesspit of cover ups, smearing and lies.


Those establishment politicians who are saying it’s not about who said what to whom, its about justice for the McCabe family, are hypocritically using the dreadful treatment of the McCabes to protect those who persecuted the McCabes in the first place, and to avoid them being held to account.


Of course this is about justice for the McCabes but it is also about much more. It is about numerous other whistleblowers. It is about a police force that may well have had smearing whistleblowers as sex abusers as a regular practice. It’s about a Garda Commissioner who promised change and ‘transparency’ and has delivered only the status quo and a veil of secrecy and a Taoiseach and Tanaiste who cant even coordinate their lies.


And, crucially, it is also about Fianna Fail sustaining a government that is catastrophically failing the people on fundamental issues of housing, homelessness and health. Every day this shambles continues is a day that rents continue to soar out of control, that homelessness increases on our streets, that waiting lists for essential care get longer and that workers are denied their basic rights.


The issue of who said what and who knew what is doubtless irritating for people who don’t want to obsess about these things but it is a telling symptom. When governments get found out in lies and get caught in cover-ups as this one has been these things always become an issue. This is because they ALL  know more than they admit to and because they have difficulty remembering which half truth, prevarication, and evasion they told yesterday. Lying puts an awful strain on the memory, because you have to remember which lie you told last week and which you told a year ago.


The point is the Taoiseach is rotten and must go. The Tanaiste is rotten and must go. The Government is rotten and must go. And Fianna Fail should go with them. There should be an election and we should sweep out the parties of the landlords and the 1%, the bankers, the developers and the brown envelopes. Time for a real left altenative.

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