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Tonight we celebrate: tomorrow the struggle continues!

John Molyneux, Socialist Worker editor.

Tonight working people and everyone with any genuine political awareness across Europe and internationally will be celebrating the magnificent referendum result in Greece.  OXI! OXI! OXI! And by a large majority!

The Greek people, especially the Greek working class and the young people of Greece, have defied an intense campaign of economic terrorism and media propaganda orchestrated by the Troika and all of the European ruling classes.

For us in Ireland one of the sweetest things is the message it has sent to Kenny, Noonan and Burton, who played such a disgraceful role in backing up the Troika and in patronising and insulting the Greek people.

Particularly noteworthy is the role played by the media. Almost every Greek newspaper campaigned for a YES vote and this was reinforced by the whole established media in Britain, Ireland and elsewhere. It also seems clear that they published rigged or lying opinion polls hoping to influence the result. And yet the Greek people stood up and defied all the bullies. It is simply magnificent!

But in our elation, no one should imagine that the battle is in any way over. The EU is NOT a democratic institution and its ‘institutions’ will not accept the democratic verdict of the Greek people. On the contrary they will do everything in their power to undermine it. And they will have the collaboration of the Greek rich, the Greek political right and large sections of the Greek state.

The Sunday Times today reported that

‘Greek security forces have drawn up a secret plan to deploy the army alongside special riot police to contain possible civil unrest after today’s referendum on the country’s future in Europe.

Codenamed Nemesis, it makes provision for troops to patrol large cities if there is widespread and prolonged public disorder.’

In a country that was ruled by a military junta until 1973 this is a very clear warning.

As Syntagma Square fills with joyful Greeks, Merkel, Schauble, Juncker, Lagarde, Draghi and co, will be planning their next moves. Right now we can’t know exactly what those will be. Will they try to trap Tsipras into another damaging deal? Will they drive Greece out of the Eurozone? We don’t know yet but we can be sure they will renew their assault on the Greek people, above all because they need to defeat Greece to send a message to Spain, to Ireland and to the rest of Europe.

This is why tomorrow the struggle will continue and why the working people of Greece need to maintain and deepen their mobilisation. Now is the time to go on the offensive, to take control of the banks and hospitals and schools and halt the privatisations. Now is the time to end austerity by redistributing the wealth of the Greek 1%.

And we in Ireland need to follow the lead of the Greeks by intensifying our struggle against austerity and driving out the rotten Fine Gael/Labour/Fianna Fail political establishment along with Denis O’Brien and their other billionaire friends and cronies. [See also Memet Uludag’s article, ‘The Two Separate Europes’, written before the result was known.]

Photo: Associated Press

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