Socialist Worker

Ten thousand people protested in Dublin yesterday- marching from Parnell Square to the Dial where many people binned their bills in a show of mass defiance against Irish Water.

Over the next few weeks bills will be landing in people’s letter boxes and the Government will begin upping the propaganda to try and chip away at people’s confidence.

There are a couple of things we can do to keep this movement on track to win- we need to call non-payment street meetings in every estate where people can collectively endorse a boycott for their estate.

People Before Profit are organising street meetings across the country if you want help then phone 0872839964.

We also need to kick out the establishment parties and build a genuine radical left. Working class people need to build an organisation that represents their interests and puts a focus on mass mobilisation as the key to change. People Before Profit have put out an appeal for a radical left.

We are willing to work with Sinn Fein members in building mass protests but the leadership have not completely ruled out coalition with austerity parties. Therefore we need the radical left to come together.

Within any such radical left alliances the SWP would be the voice calling for a people power revolution – a movement that fights for real economic democracy and for socialism.

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